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Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

Why you should not be sad to be dumped at 35.

You are way more financially stable than you ever were, so now is the time for adventure, self exploration and doing the things you want to do. Think of the break as telling you that there are still some things you need to do for you.

The breakup made you realize how much in your life you were willing to settle for in a relationship. Take that lens and aim it at other parts of your life: your family relationships, friendships and career. Now you have the time and the space to improve those areas of your life in which you were settling for something less than ideal.

You know yourself way better than you did in your twenties. You’re not afraid to 'be alone.’ (That’s a stupid phrase. You can feel 'alone' when you are in a relationship, in a huge room full of people, and many other situations.) Getting over the relationship is hard, but not as hard as it was when you were younger and had less confidence.

There are so many options for having children without a partner. If you decide you want a child and you are ready to care for one, have a child. You do not need to wait for a partner or spouse to have a child.

You’ve got some badass friendships that can get you through anything, and you lean into those for support.

Or at least these are the reasons why I am not sad (most of the time). How about you; what are your reasons?

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